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How to Recruit Nonprofit Board Members on LinkedIn

Building a strong board can have a huge impact on the success of your nonprofit, affecting everything from long-term strategy to financial viability. But finding the right board members can be a challenge. Organizations sometimes struggle to recruit beyond their existing networks, leading to homogenous boards that lack diverse perspectives and don’t reflect the communities they serve.

If you’re looking to expand your network and recruit exceptional new members for your nonprofit’s board, LinkedIn can be a great place to start. In this article, you’ll find answers to three frequently asked questions about recruiting board members through LinkedIn: 

  • How do I attract a nonprofit board member? 

  • How do I list board positions on LinkedIn? 

  • How do I find nonprofit board members on LinkedIn? 

Ready to build a board that can steer your nonprofit into the future? Let’s dive in! 

How do I attract a nonprofit board member? 

Since LinkedIn is a professional network, members use it to explore professional opportunities, including joining nonprofit boards. You can make it easier for potential board members to discover your organization and consider applying for your board by creating a LinkedIn Page for your nonprofit. Include a compelling description of your mission and vision, and be sure to add the link to your organization’s website where interested individuals can learn more.

How do I list board positions on LinkedIn? 

It’s free to list job openings on LinkedIn, including open positions on your nonprofit’s board. Go to LinkedIn Jobs and fill in the details about the position when prompted, including your organization’s name and location. 

Next, write a description of the opportunity, including the time commitment involved and whether your board meets in person, virtually, or in a hybrid setting. Add a few lines about your mission in case candidates aren’t familiar with your nonprofit, and consider including a call for professionals from all backgrounds to apply, signaling that your board welcomes diverse experience and perspectives. 

How do I find nonprofit board members on LinkedIn?

Rather than waiting for people to apply for your nonprofit’s open board positions, why not approach high-potential board candidates directly? You can use the LinkedIn search bar to identify professionals who have indicated that they’re interested in board positions — simply click “all filters” and select “open to joining a nonprofit board.” 

If your organization uses LinkedIn Recruiter or LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can also use the solutions’ advanced search capabilities to rapidly identify LinkedIn members who not only match the criteria you’re looking for but show an affinity for your nonprofit’s cause. Read our case study with Positive Coaching Alliance to learn how that organization has found success using LinkedIn to look for new board members with a passion for youth sports. 

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