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How can LinkedIn help my organization?
We believe that successful nonprofits are built on a foundation of active communities: community members they need to reach, organizations they seek to partner with, people who want to help. To facilitate this, LinkedIn provides significant discounts on the majority of our products, including Talent, Learning, and Fundraising solutions, for eligible organizations. We also provide nonprofit-focused content, including our flagship Better Together virtual fireside chat series featuring nonprofit experts and leaders, available free of charge. Please note that some programs may not be available in every country.

How do I register for your programs?
To learn more about our discounted solutions for eligible nonprofits, choose a product category that you’re interested in.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions
Find the people you need to move your mission forward

LinkedIn Learning Solutions
Help your employees build skills

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
Raise awareness of your organization and impact

LinkedIn Sales Solutions
Elevate your fundraising

Then, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and our team will assess your needs and let you know about the discounts available to your organization.

How long does it take to hear back from the contact form or your nonprofit consultant?
We strive to respond to requests from our nonprofit community as quickly as possible. Our typical response time is under 10 days. Please be aware that if your nonprofit is currently in conversations with our sales team, they may ask for additional documentation or information. Be sure to provide this as soon as possible to ensure our team can assist you efficiently and effectively.

How do I get help using the LinkedIn platform for my nonprofit?
We share new content every month to help our nonprofit community make the most of LinkedIn, including guides, virtual fireside chats, blog posts, and more. Check back regularly and follow us on LinkedIn to ensure you never miss the latest resources.

If you have a question about our platform and/or products (such as how to access your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page or create a LinkedIn post), please visit our Help Center.

Does LinkedIn have a hardware grant program?
We don’t have a hardware grant program. However, Microsoft and other partners provide low-cost computers and hardware to eligible nonprofits. Here’s some information:

What LinkedIn products and services are available in my country?
LinkedIn for Nonprofits helps organizations around the world to hire, learn, market, and fundraise. We offer product discounts on our SaaS products in over 200 countries. Note that we don’t offer free products, including subscriptions to LinkedIn Premium.

What determines the pricing for nonprofit products and services from LinkedIn?
LinkedIn realizes that predictable pricing is critical to strategic planning. Our approach is to provide up to a 50% discount on subscription contracts, which includes everything except for pay-per-click solutions. Exact pricing may vary by purchase volume and size of your contract. If you have questions about our solutions, click on “Products” in the navigation to choose a product that you’re interested in. Then, fill out the form on the page to connect with one of our nonprofit specialists for more information.

Does LinkedIn sponsor nonprofit events?
At this time, LinkedIn isn’t accepting sponsorship proposals for nonprofit events. We will share updates if this changes. In the meantime, check out our free resource, What Are LinkedIn Events and How Can You Use Them to Promote Your Nonprofit’s Events?, for tips on using free features on LinkedIn to take your events to the next level.

What are the eligibility requirements for LinkedIn for Nonprofits discounts?
To be eligible for discounts, nonprofits and non-governmental organizations must:

  • Hold recognized, legal charitable status as defined in their countries
  • Operate on a not-for-profit basis
  • Have a mission to benefit the broader community
  • Attest to LinkedIn’s anti-discrimination policy
  • Only assign licenses to eligible staff
  • Only use the licenses for their organization and not license partner, affiliate, or sister organizations
  • Agree to specific contract terms, as required by the solution

Visit the eligibility page for more details.

How can I license products to volunteers at my nonprofit?
Currently, we don’t offer free products for volunteers of organizations. If your organization would like to purchase solutions for volunteers, you’ll be able to re-assign specific licenses, following our policy and your contract conditions.

How long does eligibility for product discounts last?
Once a nonprofit organization is validated as eligible, this status will remain in effect indefinitely, or — if applicable — until the tax exemption paperwork we have on file expires. We periodically review our records for compliance, so it’s possible that, if your organization’s nonprofit status has changed, you may no longer be eligible for our discounting program.

Are there any specific types of nonprofits that you don’t offer nonprofit discounts to?
We offer discounts to the majority of nonprofit organizations. We don’t offer discounts for higher education organizations, credit unions, hospitals, or governmental organizations.


What is LinkedIn’s anti-discrimination policy?
LinkedIn values and respects individual and cultural differences and is committed to providing an inclusive environment that’s welcoming and free from discrimination.

Therefore, organizations aren’t eligible to participate in the LinkedIn for Nonprofits program if they have a policy or mission of discrimination in hiring, compensation, promotion, termination, retirement, training, programs, and/or services based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age, disability, gender identity or expression, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, political affiliation, union membership, or veteran status. The only exception to this policy is for religious organizations that are exempt from laws that prohibit such discrimination.

Is my organization required to provide evidence of compliance with LinkedIn’s anti-discrimination policy to be eligible to participate?
LinkedIn expects organizations to honestly and accurately certify the anti-discrimination statement during the eligibility validation process. LinkedIn doesn’t require nor collect evidence of compliance with the anti-discrimination policy, nor does LinkedIn make legal judgments of the accuracy of the certification or applicability of anti-discrimination law to your organization's practices. LinkedIn reserves the right to grant or deny an organization's application or participation at any time, for any reason.

We are a religious organization, but we don’t know if we’re exempt from laws that prohibit discrimination. How can we know for sure?
The laws or exemptions that apply to your organization depend on your organization and its practices. Some commonly considered issues in the U.S. include hiring based on religious affiliation or beliefs (under Title VII to the Civil Rights Act of 1964) and the U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges.) If you are uncertain about whether anti-discrimination laws in your country apply to your organization, we suggest contacting an attorney to request a legal opinion.

How can I get a free LinkedIn Premium subscription for my nonprofit or myself?
We don’t offer free or discounted Premium subscriptions for nonprofits or their employees. If you’d like to apply for a free trial with our Premium subscription team, please visit their page.

How can I source talent using LinkedIn Recruiter for free?
If your organization is eligible, we can provide up to 50% off an annual contract for LinkedIn Recruiter, including dedicated support. If you're interested in purchasing LinkedIn Recruiter or other nonprofit hiring solutions with an annual contract, please visit our main page for hiring solutions and click on “Contact us” to fill out a form and connect with our team.

Do you offer discounts for advertising on LinkedIn?
We don’t offer discounts for advertising products, either online or via corporate contracts, as these solutions are set up on a cost-per-click basis. However, if your organization is eligible and meets the spend minimums, we can provide dedicated support for your campaigns through a corporate contract with LinkedIn. If you're interested in purchasing marketing products with an annual contract, please visit our main page for marketing solutions and click on “Contact us” to fill out a form and connect with our team.

How can I use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for free?
If your organization is eligible and meets the yearly product spend requirements, we can provide up to 50% off an annual contract for LinkedIn Sales Navigator, our fundraising solution, including dedicated support. If you're interested in purchasing LinkedIn Sales Navigator with an annual contract, please visit our main page for fundraising solutions and click on “Contact us” to fill out a form and connect with our team.

How can I get free access to Linkedin Learning?
If your organization is eligible and meets the yearly product spend requirements, we can provide up to 50% off an annual contract for our learning solutions, including dedicated support. We don’t offer discounts for online subscriptions, including individual LinkedIn Learning access or Premium Accounts paid by credit card online. If you're interested in purchasing nonprofit learning solutions with an annual contract, please visit our main page for learning solutions and click on “Contact us” to fill out a form and connect with our team.

How do I get a cash grant from LinkedIn for Nonprofits?
Under our LinkedIn for Nonprofits program, we don’t provide monetary grants to organizations at this time. Most of our grants to nonprofits are in the form of discounted products, which we make broadly available to eligible organizations.

Our Social Impact team provides funding and resources to select workforce development organizations. Learn more about partnership opportunities and eligibility by visiting their website.

My organization needs to promote its mission and vision. Is there an ads program for nonprofits?
As part of our Social Impact initiatives, LinkedIn offers an Ad Grants program program through which eligible nonprofits can apply for free advertising on the LinkedIn platform.

To be eligible for an Ad Grant, your organization must have a LinkedIn Page. (Learn more about how to create a Page here.) This program is separate from other support that you may be receiving from LinkedIn, and you don’t need to be a current LinkedIn customer to apply.

Visit our Social Impact page regularly to learn when the next round of applications opens up.

Does Linkedin for Nonprofits offer events for nonprofit organizations?
Our LinkedIn for Nonprofits team regularly hosts free live virtual fireside chats for nonprofit organizations as part of our Better Together series. Each fireside chat features nonprofit leaders and experts discussing topics relevant to our community, from fundraising in a digital world to attracting and retaining diverse talent. We also host an annual event called Impact Summit that brings together innovative nonprofit leaders, inspiring celebrity guests, and more to discuss how we can advance the sector through the power of people.

How can I subscribe to get the latest news from LinkedIn for Nonprofits?
To ensure you never miss the latest blog posts, guides, and other resources from LinkedIn for Nonprofits, subscribe to our blog and newsletter.

Does LinkedIn for Nonprofits have social channels I can follow?
To stay up to date with the latest news and join the conversation, you can follow LinkedIn for Nonprofits on LinkedIn and Facebook, and join our official LinkedIn Group.

How can I nominate my nonprofit to be spotlighted on LinkedIn for Nonprofits’ social channels, newsletters, and blog?
To provide education and inspiration to our community about how nonprofits are using LinkedIn solutions to drive their missions, we’re currently prioritizing existing customers using our solutions. If your organization partners with us and is interested in being featured, let your account/partnership manager know and they will pass on the request to our marketing team. Due to a high volume of interest, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be selected for a spotlight.

I’m a specialized nonprofit author/speaker. How can I become a speaker at one of your live events?

The option to speak at our live events and fireside chats is by invitation only. In the near future, however, we hope to allow members of our community to apply to participate.