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3 Ways to Level Up Your Giving Tuesday Strategy with LinkedIn

Giving Tuesday, Nov. 29,  is a big moment for nonprofits. In fact, 10x more donors are acquired on Giving Tuesday than on an average day of the year and more than half (55%) of surveyed LinkedIn members say they’re “likely” or “very likely” to donate on or around a designated giving day like Giving Tuesday.

Between these findings — and the fact that LinkedIn is the highest converting social media platform for nonprofits — it’s clear to see the huge potential that posting on LinkedIn on Giving Tuesday has for nonprofits to reach supporters, gather funds, and raise awareness for their cause.

Want to tap into LinkedIn’s network of over 875 million global professionals to connect with new donors and supporters this Giving Tuesday? Here are three simple ways to make the most of LinkedIn on the big day.  

1. Participate in our #DonateAwareness campaign

Before you can connect with people who can help move your nonprofit’s mission forward, they need to be aware of your organization, its story, and its lasting impact. 

To help nonprofits like yours raise awareness, LinkedIn is giving away $1 million in Ad Grants this Giving Tuesday. If your nonprofit is based in the U.S., you may be eligible to apply to receive free LinkedIn ads. To participate, you first need to post from your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page on Giving Tuesday, November 29, using all the hashtags #DonateAwareness #GivingTuesday and #Contest. Once you’ve posted, fill out the application form that will be accessible on our website from November 29 - 30. Don’t forget to copy the link to your post, as you’ll need it for your application. 

Need inspiration about what to post using the hashtags? Visit the website to find a free, downloadable toolkit. 

2. Use the “Notify employees” feature to amplify your posts

After your nonprofit posts about Giving Tuesday on LinkedIn, you can encourage your employees to share your post at scale using the “Notify employees” feature

You need to be an admin of your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page to use this feature. Just click the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the post you want to share, then select “Notify employees of post” from the dropdown menu. Everyone who lists your nonprofit as their current employer on LinkedIn will get a notification about the post within a few hours, making them more likely to see and engage with it.

3. Encourage your employees, volunteers, and other supporters to post, too

In The Donor Engagement Report, 31% of respondents noted that they’ve posted about Giving Tuesday on LinkedIn in the past. The report also uncovered that LinkedIn users are most influenced to donate by people in their direct network — friends, family members, colleagues, mentors, and managers — so those posts have the potential to reach and inspire new donors. 

Ask your biggest supporters, including your employees, volunteers, and board members, to post about your nonprofit on LinkedIn on Giving Tuesday. To make it easy for them, consider giving them a prompt, like sharing their most meaningful memory involving your organization. Encourage them to use the hashtags #DonateAwareness and #GivingTuesday, too! Every post about your nonprofit helps to spread the word about its mission.

To learn more about LinkedIn’s special Giving Tuesday Ad Grants, and to find out if your nonprofit is eligible to apply, click here.