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Does LinkedIn Offer Advertising Grants for Nonprofits? Everything You Need to Know

LinkedIn ads can be a great way to get your nonprofit’s message in front of more — and more of the right — people. But you might be wondering “Are LinkedIn ads worth it for our organization?”

If you’re curious about using LinkedIn ads to promote your nonprofit, it’s worth exploring  LinkedIn’s advertising grants for nonprofits. As part of our LinkedIn Social Impact initiatives, we offer an Ad Grants program that allows eligible nonprofits to apply for free advertising on LinkedIn. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about our advertising grants for nonprofits — and how to apply. 

Who is eligible for LinkedIn’s advertising grants for nonprofits?

The Ad Grants program supports nonprofit organizations that focus on the following areas: 

  • Racial and gender equity

  • Economic opportunity for professionals facing barriers

  • Environmental sustainability 

Your nonprofit doesn’t need to be a current LinkedIn customer to apply for an Ad Grant. However, to be eligible for the program, you’ll need to have a LinkedIn Page set up for your organization. Check out this blog post to learn how you can set one up (it’s quick and free!).

What can LinkedIn Ad Grants be used for?

If your nonprofit receives an Ad Grant from LinkedIn Social Impact, you can use your free LinkedIn ads for any of the following large-scale initiatives: 

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Talent acquisition

  • Awareness building

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You’ll also receive support from the LinkedIn team so that you can make the most of your free LinkedIn ads. 

How can nonprofits apply for a LinkedIn Ad Grant?

The Ad Grants program opens for applications at various times throughout the year. To find out when the next round of applications opens — and to apply when it does — visit the LinkedIn Social Impact page here.

You can also email AdGrants@Linkedin.com for more information and updates. 

Does LinkedIn for Nonprofits offer other discounts for nonprofits?

LinkedIn for Nonprofits offers up to a 50% discount on hiring, learning, and fundraising solutions for eligible nonprofits. These solutions can help you bring the right talent into your organization, develop their skills, cultivate strong relationships with potential donors, and more. 

While we do not offer discounted LinkedIn ads due to the pay-per-click pricing model, nonprofits that purchase LinkedIn marketing solutions through our LinkedIn for Nonprofits program can receive dedicated support. This can help you get started and optimize your campaigns. You’ll be able to set and easily manage your budget, helping you maximize your reach, without breaking the bank. 

Want to learn more about using LinkedIn ads to get the word out about your nonprofit? Contact our team today.