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How to Post Your Nonprofit’s Job Openings on LinkedIn

To make your nonprofit’s vision a reality, you need to bring in the right people. Whether you’re hiring your first employee or recruiting volunteers, posting jobs on LinkedIn for free is a great first step to finding the best person for the job.

Read on to discover tips for posting jobs on LinkedIn — and attracting a skilled and diverse pool of applicants for your organization.   

Is it really free to post jobs on LinkedIn?

Yes, posting jobs on LinkedIn for free can be done in just a few steps. Simply log into LinkedIn, click the “Jobs” icon at the top of the homepage, then select the option to “post a free job” and follow the steps on the next screens. You’ll even have the option to add screening questions to your job post to make it easier to identify candidates who match your basic requirements. 

If you do decide to pay to promote your nonprofit’s job posts on LinkedIn, you can set a daily and total budget to ensure you always know what you’re spending. Organizations that promote their jobs on LinkedIn receive 3x more qualified applicants, so this may be an especially good option for strategic or hard-to-fill roles. 

What should I say when posting a job on LinkedIn?

Need tips for posting jobs on LinkedIn? Here are a few best practices to follow when writing nonprofit job descriptions: 

  • Be inclusive. Use gender-neutral job titles and pronouns and consider including a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement. 

  • Emphasize skills. Focus on the hard and soft skills your new hire will rely on every day, rather than setting strict educational and prior experience requirements, to attract skilled and passionate candidates from unconventional backgrounds. 

  • Set the right expectations. Include clear, succinct details about the role’s objectives and what your new hire’s core responsibilities will be. Also, consider stating upfront whether the role can be performed remotely, as many of today’s candidates are actively searching for remote roles. 

Can I recruit volunteers on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn can be a great platform for recruiting volunteers for your nonprofit. Thanks to LinkedIn for Nonprofits’ partnership with VolunteerMatch, skilled volunteer opportunities posted on VolunteerMatch.org are automatically posted to the LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace as well. Here’s how to recruit volunteers through the LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace: 

  • Create a VolunteerMatch account if you don’t have one already

  • Add the URL of your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page to your account to connect them

  • Post the volunteer opportunity on VolunteerMatch, including at least 100 words and the skills required, and your skill-based volunteer opportunity will appear on LinkedIn within 24 hours

To learn more about recruiting volunteers through the LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace, check out this resource from VolunteerMatch.

Build your nonprofit dream team

If you only hire once or twice a year, posting jobs on LinkedIn for free can be an effective way to bring in the talent you need. As your nonprofit grows and your hiring needs become more complex, consider exploring our talent solutions, available at up to a 50% discount for eligible nonprofits. Whether you’re looking to source highly skilled candidates, want to build your nonprofit’s employer brand, or need insights to inform your talent strategy, our solutions are designed to empower nonprofits at every stage of the employee lifecycle — so you can build a team that can change the world. 

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