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How to Recruit Volunteers on LinkedIn

Volunteer hours are a precious resource for nonprofits. But how can you use LinkedIn to support your volunteer recruitment strategies and find people who are passionate about your cause? 

If you’ve never used LinkedIn for volunteer recruitment before or feel you could be getting more out of it, read on to find answers to your top questions! 

Is LinkedIn good for volunteering?

LinkedIn can be a great platform for connecting with people interested in both in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities. There are over 810 million LinkedIn members spread across more than 200 countries, so wherever your nonprofit is located, you’re sure to find people who want to contribute their time and skills to help your cause. In fact, 53% of LinkedIn members donate to nonprofits and 60% say they’re interested in volunteering, so the appetite to get more involved in philanthropy is certainly there.

How do you find volunteers on LinkedIn?

There are several different ways that your nonprofit can find, attract, and engage with prospective volunteers on LinkedIn. Here are a few steps you can take to get started: 

  • Share content that highlights your volunteers. Use your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page to post photos and videos of your volunteers in action, share testimonials, and tell uplifting stories — encouraging others to get involved. 
  • Engage with followers. Dedicate some time every week to reviewing and responding to comments on your nonprofit’s LinkedIn posts. This can help you to deepen supporters’ relationships with your nonprofit, which may inspire greater involvement — including volunteering — down the line. You may also spot followers actively asking how they can get more involved, creating an opportunity for you to reach out and share details about current volunteer openings. 
  • Post volunteer opportunities on the platform. Just as your nonprofit can post job openings for free on LinkedIn, you can post volunteer openings, too — including virtual volunteer opportunities. Simply click the “Jobs” icon at the top of the homepage, then click “Post a free job” and follow the steps on the next screens. 

To maximize your volunteer recruitment strategies on LinkedIn and save time, you can also take advantage of the LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace. 

What is the LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace?

The LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace is designed to help nonprofits like yours find skilled volunteers. Through LinkedIn for Nonprofits’ partnership with VolunteerMatch, any skill-based volunteer opportunities posted on VolunteerMatch will automatically be posted on LinkedIn within 24 hours. This avoids duplicated effort and can help you connect with professionals who want to put in some volunteer hours to help a good cause.     

To get the most out of the LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace, be sure to add the URL of your organization’s LinkedIn Page to your VolunteerMatch account. That way, the listing on LinkedIn will be connected to your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page, so prospective volunteers can easily click through to learn more about your organization and its important work. 

Elevate your volunteer recruitment strategies with LinkedIn 

Every day, nonprofits use LinkedIn to post in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities, find new board members, and hire exceptional employees. The right person is only a connection away.

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