The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest January 07, 2021

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

The end of 2020 was cause for celebration for people all around the world. But while the start of a new year can inspire optimism and hope, you may also be feeling uncertain about what the future will hold for your nonprofit. That’s why the theme of this week’s LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest is moving forward.

We’ve compiled articles and research around goal-setting, emerging technology, and important dates to be aware of in 2021. You’ll also find tips to help you embrace a new funding model for the new year and leave unintentionally discriminatory language in the past. 

Here are five must-read articles and reports for nonprofits this week:

1. Your Journey Forward: How to Set Goals for Your Nonprofit Organization Now (Nonprofit Information)

After the turbulent and unpredictable year that was 2020, setting goals for your nonprofit may seem like a daunting task right now—but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, revenue strategist Gail S. Bower outlines a few simple steps you can take to establish realistic goals that inspire your team and help move your organization in the right direction. 

2. The State of AI in Advancement 2020 (AAAC)

In its second annual State of AI in Advancement report, the AI in Advancement Advisory Council (AAAC) explores new barriers nonprofits are facing and how artificial intelligence is transforming philanthropic outcomes. With the report finding that 82% of organizations believe AI will be part of the solution for challenges facing fundraising teams, these insights can help you position your nonprofit for success in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

3. 2021 Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar for Nonprofits (Nonprofit Tech for Good)

As you shape your fundraising and marketing strategies for 2021, it’s useful to keep important dates top of mind. This handy guide from Nonprofit Tech for Good can help you proactively plan your messaging for important days on the nonprofit calendar, allowing you to raise awareness and foster meaningful conversations. 

4. Challenging ableism through language justice (Philanthropy News Digest)

Language has power. To make people feel seen, welcome, and valued, it’s important to choose your words thoughtfully, intentionally, and through a lens of diversity and inclusion. While this article from experts at the Youth Exchange at the Open Society Foundations speaks specifically to grantmakers, their tips around word choice and accessibility are broadly relevant to nonprofit professionals in any role.

5. How to Structure Your Nonprofit Membership Program (Neon One)

If your nonprofit already has a solid base of supporters who may be interested in getting more involved, establishing a membership program has the potential to take your organization to the next level. But what goes into creating a scalable and sustainable membership program, and how should you structure yours? This guide from Neon One can help you make the right decision for your nonprofit. 

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