The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

As we enter the last few months of the year, many nonprofits are starting to think about their initiatives and goals for 2021. That’s why the theme of this Weekly Digest is planning for long-term success. 

We’ve rounded up articles that show how your nonprofit organization can adjust to evolving marketing trends, shape more sustainable fundraising strategies, and protect against emerging threats as you head into the new year. You’ll also find tips and insights to help you support and develop your people—and unlock their full potential. 

Here are five must-read articles for nonprofits this week:

1. The Top 10 Nonprofit Marketing Trends for 2021 (Business 2 Community)

To build awareness of their mission and attract new donors and volunteers, nonprofits need a robust marketing plan. But as the field of marketing evolves and audience expectations change, organizations need to ensure their strategy remains aligned with current trends. These 10 predictions about the state of nonprofit marketing in 2021 can help nonprofits adjust their marketing plan and optimize their reach next year.

2. Nonprofit Leadership: How To Strengthen Organizational Culture By Unleashing Employee Expertise (Forbes)

Employees at nonprofit organizations often wear a lot of hats. But when people are stretched too thin, their productivity and job satisfaction can plummet. This article by Franklin University’s Executive Vice President and Provost Christopher Washington explores how nonprofits can better support their people and foster a culture of excellence. 

3. 6 Actionable Strategies to Encourage Recurring Giving (re: charity)

Recurring gifts can provide stability for nonprofit organizations, even during turbulent fundraising periods. Making smaller donations over longer periods can also be easier for some supporters than making large one-time gifts. This article compiles a few steps nonprofits can take to increase recurring giving and ensure supporters feel appreciated.

4. How to keep your charity secure in the ‘new normal’ (Charity Digital)

The ongoing pandemic has led countless nonprofits to move more of their operations online. But while this strategy can increase organizations’ agility, it can also expose them to more cyber threats. Charity Digital covers a few areas where nonprofits may be vulnerable—and what they can take to mitigate risks and keep their data safe. 

5. Rehumanizing Fundraising With Artificial Intelligence (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming every sector. In the nonprofit world, an increasing number of organizations are using AI to support their fundraising goals. In this enlightening article, Allison Fine, a renowned strategist on using technology for social good, and Beth Kanter, a thought leader in digital transformation, discuss what nonprofits should be thinking about today in order to harness the full power of AI for fundraising in the future. 

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