An image of a person wearing a Playworks t-shirt, surrounded by children.

How LinkedIn for Nonprofits Accelerates Social Impact

For certain kids, a simple invitation to play can act as a lifeline. Today, the incredible nonprofit Playworks has extended similar invitations to more than 700,000 children across the U.S.

Playworks leverages fun to empower children, getting them active and teaching them lifelong skills. The concept has caught on—and Playworks needed to quickly scale. But with just one full-time recruiter for over 600 employees and a hyper-specific need (creative, playful, kid-loving candidates), they were struggling.

That’s when they tapped LinkedIn—and grew their quality hires by 20% YoY.

As a technology company, LinkedIn believes we have a responsibility to use our assets for good. We believe so fiercely in this that we’ve created an entire program designed specifically to help.

I’m thrilled to formally introduce LinkedIn for Nonprofits. Our mission? To unlock nonprofit potential—and accelerate social impact around the globe.

Nonprofits are a massive, socially-significant part of the global economy. Globally, 10M nonprofits represent 7.8% of the global workforce and 10% of GDP. They deserve access to the right technology and resources, which can enhance their capacity and get them closer to achieving their missions. 

The bedrock of every successful organization is its people. From talent to donors, constituents to program participants, people form impactful networks. If organizations like Playworks can engage with these networks at scale, they can achieve more: quickly and effectively. That’s where LinkedIn enters the picture.

LinkedIn for Nonprofits enables nonprofits to reach 600M members with discounted products across four core product lines: Talent, Fundraising, Marketing, and Learning Solutions. We also offer free resources, grants, and programmatic support to vision-aligned organizations in partnership with our Social Impact team.

Since 2015, we’ve worked with over 2,000 nonprofits, helping them hire 80,000+ people annually. We’ve also empowered 1,500 fundraisers to reach more donors, and in FY19 reached $185M in annual product donations.

  • We helped Teach for America place thousands of the right teachers in schools that desperately needed them. 
  • We helped the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society build awareness, recruit volunteers, and raise funds for their annual Light the Night walk. 
  • We helped Playworks increase their direct hires by 20% YoY, grow their followership by 12%, and elevate their founders to respected educational influencers.

And we’re only just getting started.

We’re honored that Playworks has shared their story. Check it out here.

Are you part of a nonprofit that could use help in fundraising, recruiting, or campaign and event promotions?

Please visit our website to find out more and get in touch with our team. We want to talk to you, learn about the great work you’re doing, and help you do more of it. 


Take your nonprofit to the next level with LinkedIn for Nonprofits. Get started.