5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use LinkedIn to Grow

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use LinkedIn to Grow

Nonprofits are growing and thriving on LinkedIn. But to justify making investments, marketers need to make a compelling case about why it’s worth emphasizing LinkedIn in your nonprofit growth strategy. 

To help you make your case, here are five ways you can use LinkedIn to pursue critical objectives—and accelerate your organization’s growth. 

1. Raise awareness of your organization’s mission and purpose

It’s explicit in the very name: nonprofits aren’t about making money. Their intent is to collectively make the world a better place by advancing a variety of important causes. 

LinkedIn members, too, are driven by purpose and intent. They come to the platform to learn, grow their careers, and better manage their lives. LinkedIn has also been rated the top social media channel for finding relevant, high-quality content, making it the perfect place to raise awareness of your important work. 

Raise awareness of your organization’s mission and purpose

2. Establish credibility and gain trust

If someone is going to invest their time or money in volunteering or donating, they need to trust the organization and those behind it. Where your message is seen, and what surrounds it, are meaningful.

LinkedIn has been rated as the most trusted social media platform, and marketers rank it as the most brand-safe, making it an ideal platform for discussing important causes, establishing your credibility, and earning trust.

Establish credibility and gain trust

3. Reach people who are interested in giving back

The data shows us that LinkedIn members are philanthropically minded. As the world’s largest professional network, our platform hosts 690+ million global professionals—including 380+ million donors and 225+ million volunteers.

In fact, LinkedIn members are 56% more likely than the average internet user to donate to charities, with more than half of our members donating.

Reach people who are interested in giving back

4. Identify key corporate partners, volunteers, and donors

LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities are second to none. Nonprofits can build and segment audiences around attributes like job title, job function, seniority, company connections, group memberships, interests, and much more.

Chances are, there is a very specific type of individual who is likely to support your organization’s cause. LinkedIn helps you accurately reach those individuals based on various professional traits.

Identify key corporate partners, volunteers, and donors

5. Drive action to further your mission

Nonprofits can’t grow without the advocacy and active support of their communities. LinkedIn is designed to help marketers drive action at any point in the funnel, through tools like Lead Gen Forms, CRM Integration, and more.

Whether your objective is spreading the word or increasing your funds, you’ll find the means to make it happen on LinkedIn. And thanks to capabilities like Website Demographics and Campaign Reporting, you’ll be able to easily see what’s working—and identify new opportunities from your efforts.

Drive action to further your mission

The case for nonprofits on LinkedIn is clear

Why should nonprofits be using LinkedIn to grow? The better question is: why not? Your most valuable audience is on the platform, and there are numerous ways you can learn about, connect with, and recruit them as powerful supporters for your cause.

To help you get started, we recently created the LinkedIn Pages Action Plan for Nonprofits, an actionable guide full of practical tactics and real-life examples from leading organizations. And to support your case for investment, we’ve put together a two-page resource (below) that compiles the key information and data discussed in this post, so you can easily share it with your leaders. Good luck!

A downloadable resource showing how nonprofits can grow with LinkedIn by using the platform's targeting features, lead gen products, and unmatched professional insights.

A downloadable resource showing why LinkedIn is a great platform for nonprofits to grow, due to its membership of global professionals who trust the platform and are likely to donate.

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