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How AI Can Help Supercharge Your Nonprofit Fundraising

You know people are out there who would be interested in supporting your nonprofit financially. It’s finding and connecting with them that can be the hard part.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to lend an assist with your nonprofit fundraising efforts. With its powerful capabilities around data analysis, content creation, and automation, AI technology is helping to make the hard parts easier for nonprofit leaders and fundraisers alike.

By introducing newfound efficiencies to your process, AI fundraising tools can help you to gather key insights about your target donors and create personalized outreach in a fraction of the time previously required. 

Here are just a few of the ways that nonprofits can tap into the power of AI fundraising to help drive more efficient and scalable outcomes.

Access more meaningful info about prospective donors and organizations

One of the most exciting new additions to LinkedIn Sales Navigator — LinkedIn’s sales and fundraising solution — is Account IQ, which simplifies and streamlines account research to summarize key details in a snap. Taking advantage of AI’s ability to sort and synthesize large amounts of data, this feature provides an overview of relevant information about a company — such as financial reports, strategic priorities, key people, and more. 

“Absolute game changer,” Hamish Stephenson, CEO of Selr.io and an early user of this AI-powered feature, told the LinkedIn Sales Blog. “Take the guesswork out and find the information you need without hours of research."

AI fundraising example: Equipped with automated account insights gathered with Account IQ, you enter a meeting with a prospective donor organization with more information than ever, ready to build trust. You articulate a clear understanding of their business values and giving priorities, guiding a productive conversation centered on shared interests.

Create customized outreach in seconds

Everyone who’s been involved with fundraising or sales knows that personalized outreach tends to get better results. The folks you’re messaging want to feel recognized and understood. AI can help you add that personal touch at scale, creating an immediate sense of relevance.

With a bit of prompting know-how, GAI-powered chatbots can be used for this purpose. But as LinkedIn VP of Engineering Greg Arnold stresses, these tools are just that — assistants, not replacements.

“There’s a real risk of buyers being inundated with lightly-personalized outreach from countless sellers,” Greg explains on LinkedIn in an article that could just as easily be applied to donors and fundraisers. “Letting GAI assist in the preparation of the content and outreach to a prospect is great, but then it’s up to the salesperson to have a meaningful conversation with the buyer that shows them that they know them.” 

AI fundraising example: Using the account information you were able to surface with Account IQ, you create a detailed prompt and ask a GAI-powered chatbot like Microsoft Copilot to generate a personalized email to the prospective corporate donor. Based on your prompt, Copilot rapidly drafts an email that introduces you and your nonprofit and highlights a connection the organization has to your cause. You then review and further customize this message before sending it to the key decision makers that you identified using Sales Navigator.

Learn more about how new AI-assisted features in Sales Navigator can supercharge your nonprofit fundraising. Contact our sales team.