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Ask Every Volunteer to Do These 3 Things on LinkedIn

Your nonprofit’s volunteers are passionate people, and many would welcome more opportunities to contribute to your cause in small but powerful ways. That’s why it’s worth asking all your volunteers to help amplify your organization on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. 

Doing so not only helps get your nonprofit’s mission in front of more people but also allows your volunteers to present a more rounded picture of themselves as professionals. 

Not sure what to ask? As part of the information you share with volunteers at the start or end of their engagement with your organization, consider requesting that they take these three simple steps. 

1. Add volunteer experience on LinkedIn

Volunteer experience looks good on a person’s resume — and on their LinkedIn profile. By encouraging your volunteers to highlight their experience on LinkedIn, you can help them catch the attention of potential employers, while getting your nonprofit’s name out there. 

Some of your volunteers may be unsure how to add volunteer experience to LinkedIn. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions you can share with them:

  • Click “Add profile section” at the top of your LinkedIn profile.

  • Click “Add volunteer experience” from the drop-down menu under “Additional.”

  • Start typing in the name of the nonprofit under “Organization.” Select the organization from the options LinkedIn suggests.

  • Fill in the other required and suggested information, including your role and a few details about your duties and the impact your role had. 

  • Click “Save.”

Once a volunteer adds their experience on LinkedIn, your nonprofit’s name and logo will appear on their profile — along with a link to the organization’s LinkedIn Page.

2. Follow your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page

By offering their time, your volunteers have demonstrated an interest in your cause. Prompting them to follow your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page allows them to stay up to date about the organization’s impact and work, even if their time volunteering for you has passed. 

By keeping your organization on their radar, you increase the chances that a former volunteer will contribute to your organization in the future, whether that means volunteering again, donating, or joining your board. Following your nonprofit’s Page also makes them more likely to see and engage with your posts, exposing your content to their network and helping you reach new supporters. 

3. Post about their experiences

The most compelling nonprofit stories often come from the people doing the work, including volunteers. Posting these stories on LinkedIn helps to boost volunteers’ professional presence — and inspire others to get involved. 

To make it easy for your volunteers to share their authentic stories on LinkedIn, consider providing a few prompts, such as: 

  • What inspired you to volunteer with us? 

  • How did you apply your skills to support our mission?

  • What was your favorite part of the experience? 

If you took pictures of your volunteers in action, you could also share these to help them bring their posts to life. Remind them to tag your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page, too. That way, you’ll get a notification, allowing you to engage with and reshare their posts. 

Attract passionate volunteers and employees

LinkedIn is a great platform for staying connected with former volunteers and employees — and attracting new ones. 

If your nonprofit is eligible, you can access discounted LinkedIn products designed to help you attract and hire high-potential candidates, make informed talent decisions, and position your organization as a great place to work and volunteer. Contact our team today to discuss your hiring needs and find the right solutions for your nonprofit.