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4 Virtual Recruitment Challenges Nonprofits Can Solve with LinkedIn Recruiter

As the hiring process moves increasingly online, nonprofits — like all organizations — are relying more and more on online recruitment methods. But while these methods can help your nonprofit save time and tap into more diverse talent pools, they can also come with their share of challenges, from a high volume of unqualified applications to communication gaps between teams.

LinkedIn Recruiter can help your nonprofit find the people you need to make your vision a reality. Learn how to hire employees and overcome common virtual recruitment challenges with LinkedIn Recruiter.

Challenge #1: Attracting enough qualified candidates

Your nonprofit needs employees with certain skills, and while some can be picked up on the job, others are essential from day one. If you’re finding that your job posts are attracting a flood of unqualified applications, you can use LinkedIn Recruiter to connect with qualified candidates you aren’t reaching today. Leveraging the Recommended Matches feature, you can rapidly pinpoint candidates who have the skills you’re looking for and reach out to them directly to see if they’re interested in an opportunity with your organization. 

Challenge #2: Filling niche nonprofit roles

While some jobs receive too many applications, others receive too few. This is especially true of certain hard-to-fill roles in the nonprofit sector where only a small number of people possess the necessary skills, experience, and education. Rather than waiting for candidates with niche skill sets to come to you, why not meet them where they are? LinkedIn Recruiter gives your team access to advanced search filters that allow you to tap into LinkedIn’s network of more than 810 million global professionals — and identify the right people for your open roles. 

Challenge #3: Finding the right person at the wrong time

Have you ever come across a person who would be perfect for your nonprofit, but the timing wasn’t right? Maybe you weren’t hiring at that moment or they were too happy in their current role to consider making a change. LinkedIn Recruiter allows you to not only save candidates’ profiles, making it simple to find them again later, but also keep an eye out for the right opportunity to reconnect. This is a great benefit of virtual recruitment — you can keep track of candidates’ career activity online and develop a strong relationship through the occasional check-in message. 

Challenge #4: Staying organized and aligned

Remote recruiting can save your team time, but it can also make it harder to stay organized and aligned. The last thing you want is for multiple people to reach out to the same candidate about the same role — or for a great applicant to slip through the cracks, forgotten. With LinkedIn Recruiter, your team can ensure you’re always on the same page, even if you’re not sitting right next to each other. The solution creates a centralized hub for all your candidate notes, allowing you to easily pick up where your colleague left off and keep stakeholders in the loop about your progress. 

Elevate your nonprofit’s remote recruiting process 

LinkedIn Recruiter helps nonprofits like yours to overcome challenges, adopt virtual recruitment best practices, and find the talent they need to change the world. To learn more about LinkedIn Recruiter or any of our hiring solutions — and to access exclusive discounts available only to nonprofits — reach out to our team today.

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