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How to Recruit for Your Nonprofit in a Virtual World

Before 2020, the question “How do I recruit talent virtually?” may have never crossed your mind. Today, remote recruiting is becoming the norm, with nonprofits of all sizes conducting some or all of their hiring process online. 

This is especially true of roles that will be performed remotely. But even when your new hire will work onsite, leveraging virtual recruitment methods can save your organization time and money — and demonstrate to candidates that you’re committed to flexibility. 

Make remote recruiting work for your nonprofit with these three virtual recruiting best practices. 

1. Prioritize clear, transparent communication 

In a virtual recruitment environment, communication is more important than ever. Since candidates will have fewer (or no) opportunities to meet your team in person, they will form impressions about your organization based almost entirely on your online interactions. If they feel like they’ve been left in dark throughout the hiring process, they may drop out or ultimately turn down an offer. 

Clear communication starts with the job description. With many candidates actively looking for remote job opportunities, highlight your nonprofit’s expectations around in-person/remote work upfront. Candidates will appreciate the transparency; even if the role doesn’t match their current needs, they may consider your organization in the future. 

Throughout the hiring process, you can impress candidates with your communication by: 

  • Providing a realistic timeline of the hiring process
  • Sending regular updates, especially around delays
  • Checking in before and after interviews (even a quick email will mean a lot)

2. Conduct seamless virtual interviews 

Virtual interviews can be intimidating for everyone involved. Create the best possible interview experience for candidates — and get the information you need to make strong hiring decisions — by taking these simple steps:

  • Sending an agenda the day before
  • Testing your tech in advance 
  • Interviewing in a quiet space

To ensure your virtual recruitment process is fair, consider interviewing all candidates remotely, rather than just one or two. If you want to bring people onsite, why not save this for final-round interviews only?

3. Don’t neglect the candidate experience

When you’re meeting candidates in person, there are lots of opportunities to create a memorable experience. But when you’re using online recruitment methods, you need to get creative. Here are a few easy ways to leave candidates with a great impression of your nonprofit during the virtual recruitment process: 

  • Share resources to help candidates prepare (like details about your nonprofit’s programs)
  • Invite employees who might be their future coworker to join the interview and say hello
  • Demonstrate empathy and flexibility (like letting them pause a virtual interview if they need to tend to their child)

Streamline the shift to virtual recruitment

Remote recruiting can be a blessing for nonprofits that don’t have the resources to bring every candidate onsite. By making a few adjustments to your hiring process, you can recruit the talent your organization needs to thrive — wherever they’re located.

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