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3 Nonprofits Supporting the AAPI Community

The AAPI community is incredibly active in advocating for a more equitable future for all. If your organization is looking to partner with Asian American nonprofit organizations, we’ve put together a list of three incredible nonprofits that support and uplift the AAPI community all year long. 

Read on to learn about these organizations and their missions, and visit their websites for more information. 

ASIAN, Inc.: Providing resources for social and economic development

Founded in 1971 by Harold Yee, ASIAN, Inc. provides resources to help Asian-Americans — and other people of color — become successful, independent members of society. Whether through language assistance, financial education, or access to affordable housing, ASIAN, Inc. aims to break down the barriers that prevent communities from reaching social and economic equity. 

ASIAN, Inc. serves over 20 counties in Northern California. So far, it has supported 1,200 minority businesses by helping them create hundreds of jobs. The organization has also assisted more than 15,000 clients with home purchases, and developed over 1,000 units of affordable housing for people with low incomes. ASIAN, Inc. recognizes the importance of providing equal opportunities to drive affirmative action — and continues to seek effective ways to support the AAPI community. Visit asianinc.org to learn more.

South Asian Youth Action: Offering support and growth opportunities for young people

South Asian Youth Action (SAYA) was founded in 1996. Starting life as a small, South Asian after-school program, the organization has grown to offer year-round programming to New York City students. While it still focuses on serving the South Asian community, SAYA invests in all youth — specifically those who come from under-resourced neighborhoods — by providing leadership and identity development opportunities, college and career readiness guidance, and various other forms of academic support. With a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, SAYA offers an enriching, culturally responsive approach to learning, helping students develop core skills that set them up for success.

Currently, SAYA works with communities across Queens and Brooklyn, operating in two elementary schools, four middle schools, and three high schools. The organization also has its own community center and office located in Elmhurst, New York, a neighborhood that’s home to a large Asian population. Whether students need access to academic assistance, mentorship, or extracurricular activities, SAYA continues to meet their needs while fostering a supportive, equitable environment. Visit saya.org to learn more.

Southeast Asian MAA Coalition Inc.: Advocating for immigrants, refugees, and other marginalized communities 

Led by Thoai Nguyen, Southeast Asian MAA Coalition Inc. (SEAMAAC) has been serving immigrant and refugee communities for more than three decades. With programs supporting community development, social services, civic engagement, education, and more, SEAMAAC grounds much of its work in social justice and advocacy. It is also one of the main Asian-American nonprofit organizations in Philadelphia aiding older members of the AAPI community, a population that was heavily impacted by the pandemic. 

In recent years, SEAMAAC has launched several initiatives to further assist vulnerable, at-risk members of the AAPI community. This includes distributing meal packets to students who struggle with food insecurity, sending grocery packages to older community members, and offering COVID-19 testing with interpreter support. With the goal of helping people live joyful, authentic, and healthy lives, SEAMAAC works hard to reach communities that are not always given a voice at the table — striving to provide the resources they need to thrive. Visit seamaac.org to learn more.

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