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Is LinkedIn for Nonprofits Free? What to Know About the LinkedIn Nonprofit Discount

Every day, nonprofits around the world use the LinkedIn platform to reach new audiences and connect with people who can help their cause. LinkedIn for Nonprofits exists to help nonprofits like yours make the most of LinkedIn, but we know you may have questions about how we can help. For one thing, is LinkedIn for Nonprofits free? And is there a LinkedIn nonprofit discount for nonprofits interested in using solutions like LinkedIn Learning? 

You’ve got questions — and we’ve got answers. Read on to find answers to your top questions about LinkedIn for Nonprofits’ cost and what free resources are available. 

1. Is LinkedIn for Nonprofits free?

LinkedIn for Nonprofits offers a range of free resources to help nonprofits leverage the LinkedIn platform to move their mission forward. This includes blog posts, webinars, and step-by-step guides filled with best-in-class examples of nonprofits thriving on LinkedIn. Visit to browse all the free resources available to your organization, and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn to be among the first to hear about upcoming events and new resources. 

In addition to free resources, we also offer up to a 50% discount on LinkedIn solutions that can help your nonprofit hire and develop the talent you need and take your fundraising efforts to the next level. Explore the links below to learn more about these solutions, and click the “contact” button on each page if you’re interested in getting a LinkedIn nonprofit discount and dedicated support for your organization: 

2. Can we get a LinkedIn grant? 

Through the LinkedIn Ad Grants program, eligible nonprofits can apply for free advertising on LinkedIn. You do not need to be a LinkedIn customer to apply for or receive an Ad Grant. 

To learn more about this program and find out whether a round of LinkedIn grant applications is currently open, visit the Ad Grants section on our website

3. What is the LinkedIn nonprofit discount for LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning can be a powerful solution for nonprofits, supporting employee engagement and retention, while ensuring organizations have the skills they need to respond to rapidly changing circumstances. LinkedIn for Nonprofits offers up to a 50% discount on LinkedIn Learning for eligible nonprofits, giving them and their teams access to more than 17,000 expert-led, on-demand courses. 

To apply for a LinkedIn nonprofit discount on LinkedIn Learning, contact our team and we’ll be in the touch soon. 

Help your team develop their skills with LinkedIn for Nonprofits.