A nonprofit employee visits LinkedIn’s website on her laptop.

Is LinkedIn Good for Nonprofits? Yes! Tips on How Nonprofits Should Use LinkedIn

While you probably already use LinkedIn as an individual to connect with other professionals, follow organizations that interest you, and explore opportunities, you might have some questions about how nonprofits should use LinkedIn. First and foremost: Is LinkedIn good for nonprofits? 

Our answer: yes! That’s why we created this blog post to answer your most pressing questions about how nonprofits like yours can use the LinkedIn platform to grow. Read on to learn about LinkedIn accounts for nonprofits, LinkedIn nonprofit discounts, and more!

Should nonprofits be on LinkedIn?

Absolutely! With over 810 million members across more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for nonprofits to reach a large audience of professionals who have the means to give back. This includes everyone from prospective board members to people interested in making major gifts. Since LinkedIn is a professional network, it’s also a great place to find talented employees and skilled volunteers who are passionate about your cause.

How should nonprofits use LinkedIn?

Nonprofits can use LinkedIn to create a LinkedIn Page for their organization, making it easier for people to discover them and determine whether they want to donate, apply for a job, or provide support in some other way. Nonprofit professionals can also use our platform to build the best nonprofit LinkedIn profiles possible, helping them establish credibility and make meaningful connections with prospective donors and supporters.

Is LinkedIn free for nonprofits?

Creating a LinkedIn page for your nonprofit is free and easy to do. With a free LinkedIn Page, your nonprofit can share content, post job openings, engage with followers, and more. We also offer up to a 50% LinkedIn nonprofit discount on products that can help your organization hire the right talent, develop your team’s skills, and build and cultivate stronger relationships with potential donors. 

Can you fundraise on LinkedIn? 

Yes! There are a few different ways that nonprofits can use LinkedIn for fundraising. On your nonprofit’s LinkedIn page, you can add a custom button that leads to a URL of your choosing, such as the donation page on your website or the page for an urgent appeal. You can also post content that encourages your audience to donate to your nonprofit, and even send messages to LinkedIn users directly on the platform with calls to make a donation or support your organization in another way. 

To take your LinkedIn fundraising efforts to the next level, consider using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can quickly identify strategic prospects, see if you have mutual connections who can make an introduction, and more. Reach out to our team to learn more about this solution and our LinkedIn nonprofit discount. 

Meet your fundraising goals with LinkedIn for Nonprofits. Get started today.