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How to Keep Good Employees from Leaving: 3 Ideas to Boost Your Nonprofit Employee Benefits

It’s no secret that nonprofit salaries aren’t always ideal. That makes it essential to offer nonprofit employee benefits that keep employees happy and motivated, even when resources are tight.

Looking for creative ways to boost your nonprofit employee benefits on a budget — and keep good employees from leaving? Here are three ideas for meaningful employee benefits for small nonprofits and larger organizations alike. 

1. Create a learning and development (L&D) program

Offering desirable nonprofit employee benefits starts with understanding your team’s needs and values. For many, professional growth is critical in any job. In fact, 94% of employees have said they would stay at an organization longer if it invested in their learning and development, so an L&D program can be a powerful strategy for retaining employees.

Since LinkedIn for Nonprofits offers up to a 50% discount on learning solutions for nonprofits, LinkedIn Learning can be a cost-effective way to provide learning opportunities across your organization — whether you have 10 employees or 10,000. Employees can learn at their own pace with on-demand content designed for microlearning, and managers can bridge skills gaps and nurture their teams’ growth by sharing tailored recommendations from LinkedIn Learning’s library of nearly 17,500 expert-led courses. 

2. Foster a culture of mentorship

Nonprofit employee benefits can often be no-cost, not just low-cost. A great way to strengthen your organization’s learning efforts and keep good employees from leaving is to establish a culture of mentoring. 

This can happen through a formal mentorship program, or it can take the form of more casual “lunch and learns” where employees have the chance to hear from team members on other teams, gain their perspectives on projects, and learn and grow together. Consider scheduling these sessions once a month to get started and increasing the frequency if they resonate with your people.

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3. Offer opportunities for peer recognition 

Wondering how to keep employees happy? One of the best ways is to ensure that they always feel appreciated. 

While it’s important for leaders and managers to recognize employees’ efforts regularly, they won’t always have visibility into the small wins that ultimately lead to the big ones. Creating a peer recognition program where employees can nominate one another ensures no win goes unnoticed, however small. This can also help to strengthen team bonds, which is an important step in retaining employees. 

The right nonprofit employee benefits can help you hold on to your best people

Thoughtful nonprofit employee benefits are key to attracting and retaining employees. Keep employees happy and motivated for years to come by getting creative with your benefits. 

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