LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

Welcome to the latest edition of the Nonprofit Weekly Digest, where we round up great articles for nonprofit professionals from around the web. 

This week, you’ll find insights on cybersecurity, search engine optimization, and digital marketing for your nonprofit. You’ll also discover guidance around fundraising during turbulent times and overcoming obstacles. 

Here are five must-read articles for nonprofits this week:

1. Fundraising in an Ever-Changing World (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog)

During times of crisis, donors may shift their attention to emergency relief efforts elsewhere — but that doesn’t mean that your organization should stop fundraising. Nonprofit communications expert Ann Green gives measured advice on how to get lapsed donors back and address the current situation.

2. Why Trustees Need to Champion Cyber Security (Charity Digital)

A recent survey found that while many nonprofit managers reported having a resilience strategy involving cybersecurity, 78% of trustees did not. Charity Digital shares a short video to help trustees take a more proactive approach to cybersecurity. 

3. How Digital Marketing Can Help Reach Younger Donors (Nonprofit Hub)

With 84% of millennials and 59% of the Generation Z population reportedly donating to nonprofits every year, reaching young donors has never been more important. Nonprofit Hub explores the best ways to leverage digital marketing strategies to reach younger donors, from using ad retargeting to making your platforms more user-friendly.

4. SEO for Nonprofits & Charities: 13 Tips for More Traffic (Ahrefs)

Search engine optimization can help your nonprofit get found. Ahrefs rounds up 13 actionable tips (and a handful of free tools) you can use to optimize your organization’s website and increase the likelihood that new supporters will discover you. 

5. 10 Challenges Global Nonprofit Leaders Are Currently Facing (And How They’re Tackling Them) (Forbes)

With nonprofits all over the world facing new and daunting challenges, 10 leaders share the obstacles that their organizations are currently working to overcome, from employee burnout and data privacy concerns to challenges in communication and infrastructure.

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LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest