LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

Like everyone else, we’re closely watching the crisis in Ukraine, and our teams at LinkedIn are focused on keeping members safe and informed. LinkedIn News is covering the crisis in Ukraine, from breaking events on the ground to its far-reaching impacts. You can follow the latest developments at this link

We also want to amplify the work of a few nonprofits that are providing critical support to Ukrainian refugees right now:

1. International Rescue Committee 

The International Rescue Committee is on the ground in Poland, where thousands of Ukrainian civilians have fled. The organization has launched an emergency appeal to provide aid to displaced families and has compiled a list of four steps people can take to help. Learn more here.

2. CARE 

CARE is working with People in Need to distribute emergency supplies like food, water, and hygiene kits to those in need, with the goal of reaching four million people—particularly those worst affected by the crisis. Learn more here.

3. Save the Children

Save the Children is ready to provide life-saving assistance—including food, water, cash transfers, and safe places for children—as families flee the conflict amid freezing conditions. Learn more here.

4. Afya Foundation

The Afya Foundation’s Disaster Response Hub is preparing to send urgently needed medical supplies to Ukraine, in coordination with other organizations and government agencies, and is seeking support with transportation. Learn more here.

5. Project HOPE

Project HOPE has sent teams to surrounding countries where Ukrainian refugees are currently arriving and is working closely with local partners to provide essential supplies and healthcare. Learn more here.

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LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest