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4 Tips for Increasing Employee Engagement in Nonprofit Organizations

Employee engagement in nonprofits is a key driver of performance and retention. When employees are engaged in their work, they’re more likely to be productive and satisfied. This in turn leads to higher quality work, greater loyalty to your organization, and lower staff turnover.

You know why employee engagement is important — but how can you increase employee engagement at work? Here are four steps you can take to boost employee engagement and satisfaction at your nonprofit. 

1. Foster transparency within your nonprofit 

The importance of transparency in nonprofits cannot be overstated. Just as donors want transparency into where their money is going, employees want to feel informed about and involved in the decisions that affect their work.

Nonprofit leaders can increase transparency — and give employee engagement a healthy boost — by sharing regular updates and being open and honest about challenges the organization is experiencing. This can also encourage more transparency externally, fostering trust inside and out.

2. Foster a culture of learning and development at your nonprofit

When employees feel like your nonprofit is invested in their growth, they’re more likely to be happy at work and act as ambassadors for your brand. In fact, LinkedIn Learning’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report found that 74% of employees want to learn during their spare time at work.

Giving your team access to LinkedIn Learning can be a powerful driver of engagement. Since LinkedIn Learning courses are available on demand and are broken up into bite-sized chunks, employees can learn at their own pace and at the time most convenient for them. 

3. Embed teamwork in your social media strategy

Sharing content featuring your employees on LinkedIn can be an easy way to show them you appreciate them and remind them why they love their jobs, leading to higher engagement. Tagging them in photos and posts also increases the likelihood that they’ll share your content with their own networks, boosting its reach.

For an even more engaged workforce, consider inviting employees to actively contribute to your social media strategy. That might mean providing a forum where they can make suggestions and pitch ideas, or it could involve encouraging them to create content of their own on LinkedIn about your nonprofit’s work.

4. Measure your nonprofit team’s engagement proactively 

Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell if employees disengaged at work or what changes will make a difference. Data from Glint shows that 72% of managers don’t have access to the data they need to increase employee performance and engagement. 

Nonprofits can use Glint to proactively monitor employee engagement at their organization, gather actionable feedback on how to improve, and determine the best way to respond to any issues that arise. This allows managers to step in and make meaningful changes when top performers are considering leaving — before they hand in their notice.

Build and retain an engaged nonprofit team with LinkedIn

Ultimately, employee engagement in nonprofit organizations contributes to mission success. If employees aren’t fully present and engaged at work, they won’t be operating at their peak, and their work will suffer for it. 

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