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How to Approach Corporate Donors on LinkedIn: 3 Tips for Nonprofits

Corporate donations to nonprofits provide companies a way to give back to the community, engage employees, and improve brand perception. For your nonprofit, asking companies for donations can provide another source of funding to further your mission. But first, you need to know how to approach corporations for donors.

As a trusted, professional network, LinkedIn is the ideal platform to find, research, and reach out to potential corporate donors. Read on for three tips on how to engage corporate donors successfully on the platform.

1. Know your audience 

If your nonprofit has its eye on a particular company, use LinkedIn to research its workforce and find the best person to approach about a corporate donation. This might be someone with a title like “Manager of Philanthropic Partnerships” — but not necessarily. 

Using the search bar, try typing the name of your target company and a keyword related to your mission, hit return, then select “people.” This will surface a list of LinkedIn members who mention both the company and your cause on their profile, giving you an easy starting point for research. If someone in a position of authority at the company has a passion for your cause, they may be willing to champion your nonprofit internally or introduce you to the right team. 

2. Look for warm introductions 

As you’re looking for champions at your target company, keep an eye on the number that appears next to their name when you click on their profiles. Does it say 1st, 2nd, or 3rd? This indicates your degree of connection to the person.

If the prospect is a 1st-degree connection, you’re already connected, so they’ll likely be receptive to hearing from you directly. If they’re a 2nd-degree connection, that means you’re not connected but do have a mutual connection. See who this mutual connection is (their name will appear below the prospect’s location at the top of their profile). Can they make a warm introduction before you ask for a donation?

If you use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can map your network in seconds to spot these mutual connections and request introductions. The solution also provides recommendations on the best path forward, increasing your chances of a successful corporate donation request. 

3. Find creative ways to add value 

When you’re ready to reach out to a potential corporate donor, you want to mention the great work that your nonprofit does. But your request shouldn’t just be about you — it should also be about them. 

If your prospect shows an interest in your cause on their LinkedIn profile (such as related volunteering experience), mention that up top. This makes the message feel tailored and personal and helps the prospect to see how this request connects to their personal values, beliefs, and goals. Where possible, highlighting how your nonprofit’s mission ties into the company’s vision is also a great way to show that the request for a corporate donation benefits their employer, too. 

To add even more value, mention additional ways that the company can get involved with your nonprofit beyond a donation alone. For example, can their employees participate in a volunteering event? Think about ways to build a meaningful partnership and this request may pay off for years to come. 

Get more corporate donations for your nonprofit

Developing a strong strategy for how to get corporate donations for your nonprofit can provide a steady stream of funding. Use LinkedIn to support your research and connect with more people who are ready to help. 

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