LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

Friday is here again—and we’re starting the weekend strong with five thoughtful nonprofit reads that are sure to inspire you!

This week, we’re thinking about the increasingly tech-forward nature of nonprofit operations, from automation to digital-first and social fundraising. You’ll also discover the results of a recent nonprofit technology trends survey, and learn about effective thought leadership and annual report writing.

Here are five must-read articles for nonprofits this week:

1. Why Nonprofit Leaders Should Be Involved in the Automation Discussion (BizTech)

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping to transform organizations of all kinds, including nonprofits. Inspired by Beth Kanter and Allison Fine’s book, “The Smart Nonprofit: Staying Human-Centered in an Automated World,” this article from BizTech explores exciting potential uses of automation for nonprofits, real-world examples of this technology in action, and how to bring leadership into the conversation. 

2. How to Become a Nonprofit Thought Leader on LinkedIn (Classy)

Sharing your insights on LinkedIn is a great way to expand your network and boost awareness of your nonprofit’s brand, but maybe you aren’t sure where to begin or haven’t gained the traction you were hoping for yet. Classy offers five tips on how to create engaging content that will keep readers interested and generate meaningful impact for you and your organization.

3. Revelations from the 2022 Nonprofit Technology Trends Survey (Sage Intacct)

Amid the pandemic, many nonprofits pivoted to digital strategies in order to maintain operations. In this trends survey from Sage Intacct, you’ll learn about the technologies that have been most embraced by nonprofits, see how organizations fared in 2021, and find inspiration for your upcoming strategies this year. 

4. Three Rising Trends in Fundraising Innovations (Candid)

With many nonprofits finding digital alternatives to traditional fundraising, this article from Candid gives you the inside scoop on three proven fundraising strategies you can implement to help your organization reach the next level this year. Learn about the rise of social fundraising, digital-first fundraising, and more. 

5. How You Can Create a Better Annual Report (Ann Green’s Nonprofit Blog) 

A well-crafted annual report shares your accomplishments and gratitude with donors and stakeholders. Nonprofit Communications Consultant Ann Green highlights the importance of focusing on the “why” and not the “what,” and shares some best practices for writing your next annual report in a way that grabs donors’ attention and showcases the impact your organization is making. 

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LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest