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5 Top LinkedIn Courses for Nonprofit Professionals in 2022

During a period when turnover is rising across countless sectors, showing a commitment to employee growth and development has never been more important for nonprofits. Giving your employees access to LinkedIn Learning can help them develop new skills and hone existing ones—boosting engagement and supporting your retention efforts. 

With nearly 17,000 expert-led, on-demand courses on the platform, there’s a lot for employees to explore on LinkedIn Learning. Managers can use this solution to recommend specific courses or even create personalized Learning Paths based on a team member’s specific career goals and trajectories. 

If you’re not sure where to get started, we’ve compiled five top LinkedIn Learning courses for nonprofit professionals this year. These courses cover skills that are highly transferable across nonprofit roles and that correspond with current challenges many organizations are facing. 

1. “Building Resilience” with Tatiana Kolovou

The events of the past two years have highlighted the need for nonprofit organizations to develop resilience. In this course, Tatiana Kolovou, a faculty member at the Kelley School of Business, teaches valuable practices that can help nonprofit employees persevere through challenging circumstances, using real-world examples.

2. “Critical Thinking and Problem Solving” with Dr. Eric Zackrison

Nonprofit work is all about finding creative solutions to challenging problems. Dr. Eric Zackrison, a lecturer at UC Santa Barbara with more than 25 years of management experience, shares how to critically assess and approach complex problems and difficult decisions—and common pitfalls to avoid.

3. “Embracing Change With Mindfulness” from Chill Anywhere

The pandemic has taught us that change often comes without warning. One way to help your nonprofit employees prepare for future crises or stressful situations is to encourage them to incorporate mindfulness into their daily work routine. With this course, hosted by the meditation platform Chill Anywhere, your team will learn how to practice slowing down in order to fully process and adapt to unexpected events. 

4. “Leadership Foundations” with Dr. Shirley Davis

It’s never too early to start nurturing future leaders at your organization. Certified leadership coach Dr. Shirley Davis is here to help your employees take the first steps, outlining core competencies of effective modern leadership like trust and inclusivity that can empower your team to start thinking and acting like leaders.

5. “Cybersecurity at Work” with Caroline Wong

With cyberattacks against nonprofits on the rise, it’s critical for all team members to understand basic steps they can take to help protect your organization. Caroline Wong, Chief Strategy Officer at cybersecurity firm Cobalt.io, walks learners through some of the most common threats out there and provides actionable steps they can take to mitigate them, from choosing the right password to using a secure network when working remotely.

Invest in learning and see the rewards

Fostering a culture of continuous learning at your organization can help you fill skills gaps and show your people that you’re invested in their growth. 

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