LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

Another Friday is upon us, and our sights are set on planning for the year ahead while making the most of Giving Tuesday and the holiday season. This week, we’re reading about creative ideas to inspire you on Giving Tuesday and a comprehensive report on fundraising during the pandemic. As you begin to plan for next year, we’ve also rounded up articles on how to run a nonprofit focus group, how clarity can boost your nonprofit’s performance, and the top features of a successful nonprofit database.

Grab your morning coffee, and let’s dive into our top five nonprofit reads of the week:

1. 6 New and Creative Fundraising Ideas to Inspire You on Giving Tuesday (Classy)

You still have a few more days to plan for Giving Tuesday. If you’re struggling to come up with ways to change up your campaign from last year, Classy has a few ideas for you. From creating an engaged community on social media to announcing a matching gift period, these tips will help you create a buzzworthy event for the day and the season.

2. The Reason Your Organization is Underperforming? A Lack of Clarity (Inc.) 

While professional collaboration has grown tremendously over the past 20 years, many companies still operate without a defined structure for such joint efforts. The missing factor? Clarity in roles, assignments, goals, and more. Here are steps you can take as a leader to cultivate productive collaboration with your team.

3. Nonprofits that Pursued Pandemic Fundraising Did Well (Mass Nonprofit News)

A new report from the Blackbaud Institute shows that nonprofits who continued fundraising throughout the pandemic were more successful than those that didn’t. These organizations largely leveraged technology aid in their efforts, allowing them to reach a  wider, more diverse audience, with 74% of nonprofits surveyed creating COVID-specific campaigns.

4. 5 Essential Features of a Successful Nonprofit Database (Philanthropy Daily)

An organized, updated donor database is a key foundation for any nonprofit. Learn the must-haves for a successful nonprofit database in this article from Philanthropy Daily, which details how a holistic approach can help nonprofits cultivate long-term relationships with new and old donors alike.

5. How and Why to Run a Nonprofit Focus Group (Bloomerang)

As you plan for the year ahead, consider organizing a focus group to gather actionable insights on what’s working and what needs some polish. Focus groups can help you gain a better understanding of whether your rebranding effort resonates with its target audience, how you can improve outreach efforts, and how your supporters feel about your work — all from an outsider’s perspective.

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