Make the Most of Giving Tuesday With These 5 Social Media Tips

Giving Tuesday is happening on November 30th 2021. As the name implies, Giving Tuesday can be a massive opportunity for your nonprofit organization — but only if you’re able to properly leverage your social media presence.

Strong, well-considered social media campaigns can do a lot to bring potential donors into your donation box. But with so many outreach options available to you, it can be difficult to know which are most effective — and which won’t live up to your donation expectations this Giving Tuesday.

Take advantage of these five top social media campaigns now to maximize your ROI this Giving Tuesday, and propel your nonprofit to succeed in the future:

1. Develop an Infographic Showcasing Your Recent Efforts

People are busy, so many either don’t yet know who your nonprofit is or haven’t been able to stay up to date with what you’ve been up to. Showcase an infographic that tells potential donors just that. Through the usage of eye-catching charts, impactful pull-out stats, slogans, and other brand-aligned design elements that visually pop, you can quickly bring people up to speed on what your nonprofit is all about — and get them thinking about how your mission might align with their values.

2. Convince People Their Dollars Make a Difference With Statistics

Donors want to know where their dollars are going, and how they’ll make an impact. Throughout the week leading up to the big day, take advantage of any statistics you have on what your nonprofit has been able to accomplish within the last year thanks to the availability of powerful capital from previous donors. Avoid vague cliches that don’t reveal much to less informed audiences. Instead, ensure this campaign’s content leverages specific donation amounts your nonprofit used to accomplish something for a community, as well as data insights into how your efforts made a positive impact.

3. Connect With Donors Using Quotes and Testimonials

Direct testimonials from people your nonprofit has serviced are perhaps the most powerful thing to take advantage of. People connect most strongly to emotional stories that resonate. Take advantage of testimonials you’ve obtained from people and businesses you’ve serviced, or conduct new interviews. Spotlight a diverse array of voices to help bolster your nonprofit’s emotional presence with donors, so as to illuminate how your operations made possible by donations make a huge difference with real people from all walks of life.

4. Update On Your Donation Progress Throughout the Day

Once Giving Tuesday is here, you have the opportunity to bring in donors all day through the power of the internet. In other words, when something is happening right here and now, for many people, FOMO kicks in — so people want to get involved. Keep a trained social media expert glued to your account all Giving Tuesday, updating your feed with information about how much you’ve received, how close you are to meeting your goals, and most importantly, reminding people why what you can accomplish with their donations matters.

5. Finish the Day Strong With a Thank You Post

Once Giving Tuesday is done, it’s time to bring it all home. Tell your followers how much in donations your Giving Tuesday campaign generated, and thank everyone who generously gave in support of your cause. Consider spotlighting those in particular who gave extraordinary amounts. Also be sure to remind people that Giving Tuesday can mark the beginning of a fruitful relationship between you and new donors, or just another step on your exciting journey together. In doing so, you open the door to continuing their valued patronage year-round, not just in the midst of exciting moments like Giving Tuesday.

Better Giving Tuesday Social Media Campaigns Deliver Stronger Donation Results

For your nonprofit, Giving Tuesday is just as much about what you say as what you do. Powerful social media campaigns can enable more frequent, higher donations throughout the year from generous donors not just in your community, but around the world. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

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