The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest 

Happy Friday! It’s time to catch up on the best nonprofit news of the week. In this week’s digest, you’ll find tips on managing projects on a budget, how to grow revenue with ecommerce, and how to handle cryptocurrency as donations.

We’re also sharing insights on how nonprofits can continue fundraising in difficult times and how impactful events can upend and reshape nonprofits for the better.

1. Don’t Rebuild, Upbuild!—Reimagining Nonprofit Infrastructure (Nonprofit Quarterly)

Following structural upheavals—from natural disasters to global pandemics—many organizations find themselves rebuilding what existed before. This Nonprofit Quarterly article looks at how nonprofits can instead “upbuild” internal management systems and processes to reflect an evolving culture, embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion, and invest in systemic change.

2. Three Ways Nonprofits Can Manage Projects More Effectively and Under Budget (BizTech)

Modernizing internal processes and equipping your team with the newest tools are just a few steps you can take to reach optimal efficiency. BizTech has some ideas as to how nonprofit leaders can use technology to streamline operations and manage projects to get the most out of your nonprofit’s time—and money.

3. How Nonprofits Can Use Ecommerce to Grow Revenue and Brand Awareness (Good360)

Nowadays, most people look online first when they’re thinking about  buying something. While the for-profit sector dominates ecommerce, many nonprofit organizations are starting to dip their toes in boosting revenue and increasing outreach. From branded merchandise to goods that fit your organization’s mission, nonprofits can leverage the benefits of online shopping.

4. Should Your Nonprofit Accept Cryptocurrency Donations? (NonProfit Pro)

Cryptocurrency has grown as a global, digital alternative to money and investment for more than a decade. With low fees, an international presence, and a secure blockchain, accepting donations via crypto can improve the donor experience and make it easier to receive donations. NonProfit Pro has a few tips to keep in mind as you begin to accept digital funding.

5. Leveraging Giving Moments to Drive Participation (The Nonprofit Times)

Staying active and engaged in soliciting donations can pay off in the long run. In difficult times, some nonprofits can shy away from fundraising initiatives, but The Nonprofit Times shows that those just might be the best times to ask.

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