The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

October is finally here—and so is the latest edition of the LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest! This week, we’ve rounded up insightful articles exploring how to increase retention among fundraising staff, avoid assumptions about what constituents need, and overcome challenges in securing corporate partnerships. 

You’ll also find plenty of actionable tips that can help you improve your email marketing campaigns and create more effective online fundraisers. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Here are five must-read articles for nonprofits this week:

1. How to Hang On to Fundraisers in a Hot Job Market (The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

With people leaving jobs in record numbers, what can nonprofits do to retain their best fundraising talent? The Chronicle of Philanthropy outlines some of the most important steps you can take to stave off attrition, from initiating frank conversations to focusing on meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. 

2. How to stop making assumptions and accelerate community-led change (Alliance Magazine)

Making assumptions about what constituents need can limit the effectiveness of programs. Hannah Lee, a director at the Cognizant Foundation, shares her organization’s experiences with challenging assumptions—and her tips for putting the community at the heart of every decision made.

3. 5 tips for creating effective online fundraisers (Philanthropy News Digest)

Online fundraisers are growing in popularity, but for organizations that are still new to this space, planning these events can be intimidating. PND teams up with TechSoup to offer some practical advice and best practices for strategizing, publicizing, and running effective online fundraisers. 

4. 13 Challenges Nonprofits Face When Securing Corporate Sponsorships (Forbes)

Corporate sponsorships can be a reliable source of funding for nonprofits, but securing them can be difficult. Leaders from 13 nonprofits break down some of the biggest challenges around finding and locking down sponsorships—and share some tips that can help.

5. 6 Tips to Immediately Improve Your Nonprofit Email Marketing (Good360)

Getting supporters to open your nonprofit’s emails is one thing. Getting them to take the desired action is another. Good360 offers six quick tips that can help you improve your email communications, from knowing your benchmarks to experimenting with text-only messages. 

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