New Resource: Your Guide to Fundraising and Development on LinkedIn

In an increasingly digital world, nonprofits have the opportunity to reach more people than ever before. With 774 million global members, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for fundraising and development professionals to find and engage with donors, board members, and other groups and individuals who can move their mission forward.

To help your organization optimize its efforts on the platform, we’ve partnered with the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) to create a new resource—Fundraising and development on LinkedIn: A guide for nonprofits. You’ll find eye-opening data, helpful tips, and even an intuitive action plan to guide your strategy.

Here’s just a taste of the insights and ideas you’ll find inside.

1. Retaining and re-engaging donors will be a challenge in the months ahead

In 2020, many households shifted their support toward nonprofits working directly on issues related to COVID-19. But will these organizations be able to hold onto donors as vaccination rollouts continue and people start thinking beyond the pandemic? And for nonprofits that saw donors pull back support last year, what will it take to re-engage them during a period of financial uncertainty? 

Data from AFP’s Fundraising Confidence Survey, Volume 3, released in July 2021, shows that fundraisers were marginally more confident that donors would be receptive to fundraising communications in April 2021 than they were in September 2020—but this isn’t the only potential challenge they’re preparing to face. In the booklet, you’ll find more insights from AFP members to help you prepare for any hurdles you encounter on the road to recovery.

2. Technology is a massive opportunity area for nonprofits

Without embracing technologies like video conferencing and online donation platforms, many nonprofits would have found themselves cut off from donors and supporters entirely when social distancing became a necessity. Moving forward, the nonprofit sector as a whole has an opportunity to be more proactive when it comes to adopting technology that can support donor outreach and relationship-building efforts—opening the door to more engaged supporters and more resilient organizations.

Download the booklet to discover five more key opportunity areas in fundraising identified by AFP members.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you reach more than just potential donors

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps organizations build, manage, and steward relationships with both individual and corporate donors—but it can also be used for so much more. Many teams are already leveraging this solution for everything from recruiting exceptional board members to attracting media coverage and getting their research out to people who need it.

Read the booklet for 10 ideas to help you get the most out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, based on strategies developed by forward-thinking nonprofits.

Find fundraising success on LinkedIn

Whether you’ve never considered using LinkedIn for fundraising before or are looking to take your efforts on the platform to the next level, Fundraising and development on LinkedIn: A guide for nonprofits can help. Download your copy today.