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5 Ways to Meaningfully Engage with Your Donors

People donate to causes they care about, meaning many donors would be interested in engaging further with your nonprofit—if you give them the chance. Developing a personable engagement strategy can do wonders for your fundraising goals, inspiring repeat or recurring giving and helping your nonprofit cultivate an engaged community that’s just as invested in your mission as you are.  

Wondering how to connect with donors on a deeper level? Here are five steps you can take to elevate how you engage with donors—and build lasting relationships.

1. Send thank-you notes and emails

After someone donates to your nonprofit, send a prompt thank-you note or email to convey your gratitude. The best thank-you messages don’t immediately ask for more money—there’ll be opportunities to make requests later, and you don’t want the interaction to feel transactional. If you have personally interacted with the donor in writing, at an event, or over the phone, be sure to mention that to make your message feel more personal. And while handwritten, personalized notes go the extra mile, a simple printed card or email with photos that highlight your nonprofit’s impact can be equally successful at showing your thanks. 

2. Create a donor-centric community

Cultivating an environment where donors feel seen and appreciated can lead to thriving long-term relations. Consider hosting meet-and-greet events (in-person or online) where donors can get to know your leaders and team. These events not only allow you to build an authentic connection, but also give you the opportunity to gather feedback and hear what drew people to your organization—providing insights into donor motivations that can help you optimize your messaging over time.

3. Invite donors to stay connected 

When someone first makes a donation, invite them to follow your organization on social media and sign up for your newsletter so they can stay up-to-date with the latest goings-on at your nonprofit. This can help keep your organization at the front of their mind, increasing the likelihood that they’ll donate again when they see an appeal or when the giving season rolls around. It can also encourage them to get more involved with your nonprofit in other ways, since you’ll likely use these channels to promote things like job openings, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events. 

4. Show them the impact of their donations

Sometimes, donations can feel like they fall into a void, with donors left wondering what their contribution actually went toward. If your donors feel this way, they may think twice before making a repeat donation to your nonprofit. To combat this, make it an intentional step in your donor management process to show how you use your funds, whether it’s a few concrete examples in your thank-you messages, an ongoing series of social media posts about the impact donations have made, a detailed and transparent annual report, or all of the above. When donors see that their contributions are making a difference, they’ll feel a stronger emotional connection to your nonprofit and its work. 

5. Be consistent in how you connect with donors

If you only reach out to donors during big fundraising drives or around the holidays, they may get the sense that your organization is only interested in communicating with them when it wants money, which won’t incentivize them to give. Instead, aim to touch base with them on a regular—but not too frequent—basis, updating them on your organization’s plans for the quarter and letting them know about major events and initiatives you have coming up. These interactions are crucial for donors to feel like a valuable part of your nonprofit’s community, priming them to give when your fundraising appeals arrive. 

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