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5 Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits in 2022

Fundraisers are creative people—but in recent years, their creativity has really been put to the test. In 2020, many had to scrap plans for elaborate fundraising events they’d been planning for months and rapidly take things online, while in 2021, they had to navigate uncertainty and keep fatigued donors engaged. But what will 2022 hold for nonprofits, and how can savvy fundraisers get a head start?

It’s never too early to start setting the stage for a successful year of fundraising. Here are five fundraising ideas for 2022 to inspire you as you begin planning.

1. Host a hybrid event with unique in-person and online elements  

Combining the social benefits of in-person gatherings with the extended reach and ease of access that an online setting provides, hybrid events allow nonprofits to enjoy the best of both worlds. As such, many organizations are likely to embrace hybrid fundraising events as the norm, rather than a brief necessity. 

To get the most of these events in 2022, focus on delivering value to all attendees, whether they’re watching online or in the room. A live stream alone is not enough to fully engage virtual participants and convert them into passionate supporters and long-term donors. Design your hybrid events with some unique elements tailored to in-person attendees and others aimed at virtual participants so that everyone leaves feeling satisfied and invigorated. 

For the in-person crowd, this could include breakout sessions, a drinks reception, and live entertainment. Remote attendees, meanwhile, could access a special online hub featuring a virtual meeting space, exclusive content, and the ability to rewatch videos from the main event at a time that best suits them. 

2. Create a matched giving program for employees of your corporate partners

With people leaving jobs in record numbers this year, many employers will likely be on the lookout for new retention and engagement strategies in 2022. Since employees are increasingly interested in working for companies that give back to the community, nonprofits have a major opportunity to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with employers—including creating corporate matched giving programs. 

A corporate matched giving program allows employees to increase their impact by having their employer match their donations to your nonprofit. However, even at companies that have a matched giving program, many employees are unaware that they could submit a matching gift request or don’t know how to do so. To make your program as effective as possible, be sure to work with your corporate partners to increase awareness and provide education to employees. 

3. Empower supporters to raise funds for you through peer-to-peer fundraising

If your organization doesn’t encourage peer-to-peer fundraising already, this is one strategy that should not be overlooked in 2022. Peer-to-peer fundraising essentially involves individual supporters collecting money on behalf of your organization through personal campaigns. In the digital age, these campaigns can be a great way for online content creators to rally their fanbases around a good cause. They also allow compassionate people to turn occasions like their birthday, wedding, or first time running a marathon into an opportunity to make a difference in the world. 

While peer-to-peer fundraising is a somewhat hands-off strategy since it’s your supporters who will do most of the work, you can still take steps to support and uplift them. Consider creating a dedicated page on your website to help people plan and set up their campaigns, make it easy for them to donate the raised amount when their campaign closes, and create a personalized thank-you message or social media shoutout to show your gratitude. If you’re encouraging peer-to-peer fundraising around a specific event, such as Giving Tuesday, you could also incorporate gamification elements like a leaderboard on your website to boost engagement through friendly competition. 

4. Launch a social media challenge for donors 

You don’t need to come up with the next Ice Bucket Challenge to make a splash on social media. Encouraging supporters to take an extra step after donating—like creating and submitting a short video explaining why they support your organization—can help you turn their individual donation into an opportunity to engage others. 

To incentivize supporters to take part in your challenge, offer some kind of reward for participating. This could be a small prize for the person who submits the most creative video, or simply the chance to be featured on your organization’s website or social media pages. The more supporters post about your challenge online, the more others will want to learn about your nonprofit and take part—leading to more donations and passionate new supporters. 

5. Think beyond cash donations by creating a non-cash gift strategy

Cash donations are important to your nonprofit—but if you only accept cash, you may be limiting how much your donors can give. By enabling people to donate non-cash assets like stocks, bonds, real estate, and annuities, you can empower your biggest supporters to make an even greater impact. 

Building a successful non-cash gift strategy requires specific expertise, so may need to bring in a specialized partner or consult your legal counsel to help you develop your policy and support donors in planning their gift. As such, this strategy requires an upfront cost—but it can pay off in spades in the long term. 

Elevate your fundraising in 2022

These are just a few ideas to help you start planning your fundraising strategy for 2022 and beyond. Get creative, keep an eye on emerging trends, and make sure your team has the tools and solutions they need to succeed. 

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