The Nonprofit Weekly Digest from LinkedIn for Nonprofits

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

Can you believe we’re almost halfway through 2021 already? As we move closer and closer toward the end of the pandemic, this week’s LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest compiles some forward-looking reads to help you prepare for days ahead.

We’ve rounded up articles exploring how to reach Gen Z donors, effectively manage staff who remain remote, and more. You’ll also find reasons for optimism, and some evergreen fundraising advice.  

Here are five must-read articles for nonprofits this week:

1. Most nonprofits emerge from pandemic wounded, but still open (The Seattle Times)

At the outset of the global pandemic, many feared widespread nonprofit closures. But while the sector was hit hard, with numerous organizations forced to reduce their services and drain into their reserves, nonprofits are resilient. The Seattle Times explores optimistic data from U.S. nonprofits and considers potential challenges still to come. 

2. Philanthropy is a Team Sport (Clairification)

No matter how good a fundraiser you are, when it comes to achieving the biggest goals, you can’t go it alone. Fundraising expert Claire Alexrad shares a few thoughts on building your extended team—from core collaborators to ambassadors, advocates, and beyond. 

3. Breaking Down Barriers—and Siloes: Addressing Leadership Challenges in a Remote Environment (Nonprofit Standard)

While many nonprofit staff remained onsite throughout the pandemic, others that transitioned to remote work may intend to continue working from home even after the pandemic is behind us. BDO’s Nonprofit Standard blog considers what nonprofit leaders can do to support this new way of work and continue managing their teams effectively.

4. Tapping the fountain of youth: how to attract Gen Z donors (Charity Digital)

As they start to enter the workforce in droves, Generation Z will become an increasingly important audience for nonprofits. To help you engage this elusive generation, Charity Digital’s Chloe Green explores some key characteristics of Gen Z and what this means for nonprofits.

5. 4 Common Virtual Events Worries and How to Overcome Them (Network for Good)

Hosting a virtual event can be intimidating. To ease any fears your team may have and help you prepare for a successful event, Network for Good breaks down four common concerns nonprofits have about virtual events—from tech troubles to low attendance. 

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