The Nonprofit Weekly Digest from LinkedIn for Nonprofits

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest. This week, we’ve compiled articles exploring what the summer holds for fundraisers and the impact that point of view has on fundraising effectiveness.

You’ll also find insights to help you spot future leaders within your organization, build deeper connections during video calls, and more. 

Here are five must-read articles for nonprofits this week:

1. How to Identify and Support Future Leaders at Your Nonprofit (Hands-On Fundraising)

Your next leader may already work at your nonprofit—and by nurturing your employees’ growth and development, you can unlock their full potential and earn their loyalty. Susan Tomlinson Schmidt, President of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, outlines how to find and nurture these future leaders and grow your organization.

2. Fundraising in a Post-Pandemic Summer: 2 Pro Fundraisers Compare Notes (Network for Good)

As many towns and cities start opening up again, fundraising coaches Andrea Holthouser and Chany Ockert discuss the differences they anticipate for nonprofits operating in rural communities versus densely populated areas, and how organizations can respond. 

3. Balance Sheet? Income Statement? But I’m Not a Numbers Person! (Joan Garry Consulting)

Numbers can be intimidating—but they also have power. Nonprofit consultant Joan Garry shares a few rules nonprofit professionals can use to bring numbers to life, put them in context, and leverage them to drive smarter decision-making when working on your organization’s budget.

4. Fundraising with joy is the path to success (Future Fundraising Now)

“The way you see what you do shapes what you do.” Fundraising expert Jeff Brooks shares a few thoughts on the importance of approaching fundraising with joy every day—and how a fundraiser’s perspective on their work can impact the success of their efforts. 

5. Building Better Connections over Video Conferences at Your Nonprofit (TechSoup)

Video conferencing allows nonprofits to connect with anyone, any time, anywhere. But building an authentic connection can be more challenging online. TechSoup delves into the brain science behind video conferencing and shares some strategies for fostering deeper connections over video. 

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