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How Microsoft’s Fundraising and Engagement Solution Helps Nonprofits Do Even More with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Human connections are at the center of any nonprofit’s success. The ability to establish a connection with a prospect, then deepen and grow that relationship over time is critical to securing the funds, resources, and support you need to make your work possible. And one of the best ways to build those connections is to leverage warm introductions and insights. 

To support your outreach and relationship building efforts, LinkedIn Sales Navigator now integrates with Microsoft’s Fundraising and Engagement solution. By bringing these solutions together, all the information your team needs to develop strategic relationships and partnerships will be right at your fingertips, saving time and allowing for more informed and meaningful conversations.

If you’re unfamiliar with the solution, he’s a quick overview of Fundraising and Engagement—and the benefits of integrating it with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

What is Microsoft’s Fundraising and Engagement solution?

Fundraising and Engagement for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales gives nonprofits more insights throughout the entire fundraising lifecycle. Fundraising and Engagement is built on the Common Data Model for nonprofits, the nonprofit sector-created data schema that aligns data across applications including fundraising, program delivery, finance, award management, and monitoring and evaluation. By bringing all data together, teams can develop and execute more informed campaigns, transform reporting, identify opportunities with new and existing accounts, and so much more.

Fundraising and Engagement already integrates seamlessly with various Microsoft solutions, such as Teams, Office 365, and Sharepoint, minimizing the amount of time teams spend toggling between different platforms and hunting down the information they need. The integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator can further streamline your workflows and support your donor engagement efforts. 

What are the benefits of integrating Fundraising and Engagement with Sales Navigator?

By using LinkedIn Sales Navigator within the Fundraising and Engagement solution, nonprofits will more easily be able to develop, grow, and manage donor and prospect relationships—all within a single platform. The combined data from the two solutions makes it quick and easy to do things like assess the best path to engage a prospect, identify mutual connections to find a warm introduction, and research prospects to create more personalized and compelling outreach messages. 

Teams will also be able to send InMails (direct messages on LinkedIn) directly through the Fundraising and Engagement solution, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between multiple tabs or platforms. Once the connection is established, the solution helps you build and maintain the relationship by offering recommended next steps and insights into the evolving needs of your prospects and donors. And since Fundraising and Engagement synchronizes data between the two systems, employees can always be sure they’re working with the most up-to-date information when they reach out, minimizing the possibility of mix-ups and opening the door for greater collaboration between team members.

Make stronger connections faster

The right technology can help nonprofits take a more human approach to attracting and retaining donors. Rather than relying on cold outreach and generic-sounding templates, break the ice with warm introductions, smart insights, and tailored messages. You’ll find all the information you need inside Fundraising and Engagement with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

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