The Nonprofit Weekly Digest from LinkedIn for Nonprofits

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

Another week is drawing to a close, which means it’s time for another LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest! 

This week, we’ve compiled ideas and tips to help you build more compelling proposals, improve employee engagement, and get more from your recurring giving program. You’ll also find an interesting perspective on the traits that are essential for nonprofit leadership in 2021, as well as guidance on making volunteering more accessible and inclusive.

Here are five must-read articles for nonprofits this week:

1. Earned Media And Advocating For Your Work (The NonProfit Times)

The most persuasive proposals are ones that back up their claims with impartial evidence. The NonProfit Times discusses why nonprofits should carry out a “community scan” before submitting proposals to identify earned media that highlights their impact—and what they can do to generate more of it.

2. Leading HR In Nonprofits: Five Ways To Drive Employee Engagement (Forbes)

Increasing employee engagement can lead to improvements in productivity, retention, and more. Subhashree Chaudhuri, senior director of people & culture at Equal Opportunity Schools, breaks down a few steps nonprofit HR teams can take to nurture high engagement, from celebrating contributions to supporting employee-driven initiatives.

3. Elements of Nonprofit Leadership in 2021 (NonProfit PRO)

The role of the nonprofit leader has evolved a lot over the past year as new challenges and obstacles have forced leaders to stretch themselves further than ever before. Fundraising expert Jim Eskin examines the key attributes needed to lead a nonprofit successfully today.

4. 5 Ideas for Developing More Inclusive Volunteer Management (NTEN)

When volunteer teams are made up of people from a wide range of backgrounds, nonprofits benefit from their unique experience and perspectives. These tips from NTEN can help you make volunteering more accessible and inclusive, helping you build diverse teams that drive incredible impact.

5. 3 Powerful Strategies to Upgrade Your Recurring Giving Program (Classy)

Recurring giving provides a consistent revenue stream for nonprofits, while providing an easy way for donors to support the causes they care about throughout the year. Even if you already have a recurring giving program in place, these tips from Classy can help you take it to the next level.

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