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The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest

The nonprofit landscape has undergone some major evolutions over the past twelve months—and the pace of change is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. To help you prepare, the theme of this week’s LinkedIn for Nonprofits Weekly Digest is transformation and change.

We’ve compiled articles exploring change in its many forms, from leadership transitions to technology shifts and more. You’ll also find insights into the transformations that are worth pursuing, even after this current period of flux is over.

Here are five must-read articles for nonprofits this week:

1. What does the cloud have to do with philanthropy? A Q&A with Justin Spelhaug on helping nonprofits with digital transformation (Microsoft)

Cloud technology is transforming every sector, including the nonprofit world. To help organizations make the most of this technology, Microsoft recently launched Cloud for Nonprofits. In this article, Justin Spelhaug, who leads Tech for Social Impact at Microsoft, explains what the cloud can do for nonprofit organizations—from boosting efficiency to protecting donor data.

2. Nonprofits Need to Change for Good, and the Moment Is Now (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Throughout 2020, many nonprofits pursued deeper collaborations and partnerships with other organizations to ensure mutual survival. Scott Warren, co-founder and board member of Generation Citizen, outlines why he believes these positive practices need to continue after the pandemic, and some tips for seizing the opportunity.

3. Don’t Overlook Succession Planning (NonProfit PRO)

Without a well-thought-out succession plan at your nonprofit, leadership transitions can be more difficult than they need to be. F. Duke Haddad, associate director of development and director of capital campaigns and corporate development for The Salvation Army’s Indiana Division, compiles some tips, insights, and resources for putting succession plans in place.

4. Why Nonprofits Should Focus On Disruption (Forbes)

When nonprofits look for disruptive solutions to traditional issues, incredible things can happen. Dr. Lobna Karoui, President of the nonprofit organization AI Exponential Thinker, explores what it means for nonprofits to be truly disruptive, and why growth and exponential mindsets are critical.

5. 5 Ways Successful Nonprofits Navigate Technology Change (Classy)

Change can be scary, especially if it involves a piece of technology that your team relies on every day. To make the transition more comfortable and productive, Classy shares five tried-and-tested tactics for navigating a technology change, from putting your vision in writing to carving out enough time for training.

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