1. Announce your page launch to employees

Get employees to follow your page via email, in meetings, or on an internal site. Employees will be the best source of content for your page, and the ones most likely to share your updates with their networks.

2. Have volunteers, board members, and donors follow you

Think through your nonprofit’s network. Ask the many groups involved with your organization to follow your page. And, add “Follow our LinkedIn page” to onboarding materials you give to new volunteers and board members to consistently grow your network. When your followers like, comment, or share your updates, their whole network will see it — and there’s a multiplier effect.

3. Have people add your organization to their profiles

Current and past employees, board members, and skilled volunteers should link their profiles to your organization’s Company Page in the “Experience” section. The more profiles your organization shows up in, the more visibility your nonprofit gets.

4. Post on your page to engage followers

Now that you have an engaging LinkedIn Company Page, start up your storytelling engine. You can share all kinds of content — like short updates, video, long-form posts and news — on your page. Potential volunteers, employees, and donors are checking out your page, so share stories of impact and give peeks into your culture to intrigue visitors.

5. Amplify your hard work

If you have updates for your website, other social media sites, or newsletters, share them on LinkedIn. Want to attract volunteers for an upcoming event? Create a content calendar with updates and different assets (photos, videos, testimonials) to get people interested.